Production and recording day, starting at 300 € (+VAT 24%).

Please contact us, and tell us what you'd like to do, and we'll give you a price quote.

You're welcome to come to our studio with a mere vocal melody, an early demo recording, band arrangement or a complete Logic or Ableton file.

When working on more than one song, price per song will be lower, because some parts of the work can be done in batches. For example, when recording drums, it is more efficient to record drums to many songs at once.


Approx 200€ (+VAT 24%) / song. Please contact us for an exact quote!


Private lessons in Ableton Live / Steinberg Cubase.

Help with rehearsal room recordings or live gear setup.

Training sessions last two hours. Price 100 € (+VAT 24%).

Price Examples

The pricing examples below are not definitive. Price will be based on your individual project.

2 songs

Usually it's good to start by producing a few songs, to get a better understanding of what you need as an artist, and to decide on the direction and nature of our future collaborations.

Production, recording and mixing of 2 songs. Starting at 800 € (+VAT 24%).

String arrangements to a song

String arrangements starting at 200 € (+VAT 24%) per song.


Our services will be invoiced. If necessary, we can divide the invoice to more than one instalment.